3 to 4 year olds

Our aim is to ensure that we give every child the best start to their future at school and develop their learning through a range of activities and experiences. This includes planned activities that meet the individual needs of the children covering the EYFS seven areas of learning, which is a requirement from our governing body Ofsted. These areas cover communication and listening skills, social skills, numerical skills, literacy skills and understanding of the world.

We create an environment that enables children to build their confidence and independence, as they learn to find and use resources themselves and facilitate some of their own learning. At this stage the Hedgehogs are being prepared and encouraged as they flourish to become happy, confident and independent learners.

The pre-school room welcomes 3 to 4 year olds and consists of different areas including; a reading snug that allows space for quiet time and storytelling, a writing area to be able to explore and practice their handwriting skills, a role play area for their imagination to flow and a messy play area for creativity.

We love to explore different aspects of the world both indoors and outdoors. We offer different daily activities for children including small world, construction, math’s, STEM, group activities and more.

The journey through nursery to pre-school has prepared children for a more structured and focused day while also developing other skills including the development of pre-reading, writing and early maths skills.

In the pre-school room our practitioners have built strong links with the surrounding schools to enable a smooth transition for when your child leaves for reception.

Our Setting
A young boy playing with toy cars on the floor.